Uni work, work work, and flat tyres

Hihi Again,

It’s Sunday, And I’m Codeing looots of java, and probably will be untill the early hours of monday morning.. (uni work deadline tomorrow).
Other than that, Our new guy started in IT on thursday, and so I was in on Thursday and Friday to show him around;
Seems like a decent guy, and definatley knows his stuff, so all in all im happy with it, should releave a lot of IT related load off me, allowing me to cencentrate on server and network development. Still need to set him proper permissions up and deligate the parts of the AD tree I want him to use… But all in time.

Went home for a family birthday last night, Had a few beers and crashed at mine. Woke up this morning, ready to drive back to uni, to find a flat tyre 😛 (biig screw was the culprit) luckily the spare was in good nick and its got me back to uni after stopping for air and petrol.

Still have not heard from SUN, were meant to be calling me on Friday evening.. Hopefully i’ll hear something tomorrow *fingers crossed*

Anyway, back to the java!


Ye olde London town

Hey, It’s quater past 10pm, Im sat in bed in a B+B close to where I need to be for my sun interview (tomorrow at 2pm) came down on the train, arrived at 7.30.
Purchased myself a new suit for the occasion, and had a haircut 😛

Hoping everything goes OK tomorrow, But at the moment it’s not causing any nervous-ness.. They asked me to research into the SUN Ray thin desktop client in preparation for my interview, And its quite impressive, Tiny power consumption, more secure, easier to manage, and MUCH more user friendly than any other thin solutions I’ve seen before.

In other news, Work has decided to hire the new IT guy already, which is fine, however, looking at his CV, he’s pretty overqualified for the job we want him to do.. *shall be guarding my servers closely.. Especially since i’m not in the office much at all* .. Work better not try and screw me over after all the work and weeks worth of off the clock research and dedication i’ve put into building a reliable network over the years…

Anyway, Will let you know how everything goes after the interview.


*PS. Moved to windows 2003 Enterprise as the OS on my main desktop, may move back to linux, just fancied a bit of a change, gonna try 64Bit Vista before I do though. All my data is stored on my NAS, and so changing OS’es on my main rig is nothing to worry about 😉

Oh, and the Laptop and company phone still haven’t become a reality… Ahh well, same old work… And I was actually expecting things to go smoothly after that meeting 🙁

No more exams

Woo, exams are finished. Life is good, cash is good, work is good (but more about that in a bit!)

Got my speakers replaced from richersounds 🙂 (didnt argue at all, just gave me a new pair) Which are both sounding much much tastier, and came with the correct stands and spikes, so thats tightened the bass up.
Sitting here typing this, totally immersed in tasty audio!

Anyway, yesh, last exam this morning (Data structures) went ok I think, not as well as the other ones, but it was mainly java so shouldnt have done too badly i hope.

Went into work to sort a few things out, now just back chilling on the irwell!

As for work.. Well that went damn well too! Had a meeting about the companies IT roadmap.. and they have decided we need an IT helpdesk type person to handle the little user problems side of things.. Which is FECKING GREAT!! as I can concentrate on what I’m meant to be doing instead of piddling about with little user problems 🙂

Also, a new works phone contract and laptop may well be in the dealio!

Got my SUN interview coming up on the 24th, so need to get the old suit out, and book some travel. Then just got my java project to finish and were good to head into the next semester.

P.S. I want a paint ball gun.


Beams of light!

Database’s exam didn’t go as badly as i thought. Hoping ive passed it..

Connypoo’s and joejoe came back to the house after the exam.. So we all went down the pav, had a few drinks and a catchup. Simpson met us at the pav, then we went back to ours for a few more beers. Ended up staying up all night just chilling with Joe, watching house, scrubs and numb3rs. (just started watching numb3rs, tis good.. have a look. Anyone on our NET its on the NAS at

Also wanted to buy a paintball gun, a decent one, Worked out EXACTLY what I wanted, and because of the great exchange rate with the US at the moment, managed to get everything for under 200 quid.
Then my dream was brutally taken from me… by the greedy sods at UPS!.. would have cost 260 Dollars to ship it!! nearly as much as the paint ball gun itself, and buying the same stuff in the UK is just as expensive as us prices + stupid delivery.

Ahh well, Maybe some other time.

Headed home today, met up with hana then crashed at home for a few hours (mmm home cooking!) Back at uni now.. and when I was home, I realized MY GREEN LASER HAS ARRIVED!.. packaging has never been ripped open so quickly (tho it was from china, so I may now have sars)

It’s pretty powerful, can see the beam!!

(maybe put pic’s up soon)


More exams and tasty noises!

Up late again revising for the next exam (database systems, 2pm tomorrow)

Bought some new tasty speakers yesterday!! went out after my exam. Got some floor standing TDL KV6’s They sound great! One has been dropped tho, it’s obvious as the foot is smashed, surrounding wood out of shape. As a result, it sounds noticabley quieter than the other. So im takeing them back, but will be swapping them for the same model. Not a great first time experience from ‘Richer Sounds’ Ahh well.. Back to the revision.

Exam Time

Sat round at Sam’s with the laptop laughing at the OSM test paper, as its pretty much what we had to do for real last night to get sam’s Linux server running!

Gonna get my own NAS sorted out later tonight, and routing and IPtables set up to the rest of the house. Student loan tomorrow! Thank god! New HDD FTW!

Anyway, back to a tad of revision… Going Asda later tonight for a few bits.. Anyone need anything? lol


Back at uni!

Just an update, moved all my stuff back to uni friday night, was meant to be heading home for a few hours and some last bits on saturday morning, but was up late unpacking / setting up all my techie crap, and slept through the day!

JoeJoe Appeared on the irwell around 5 and we headed to the pav for a few pints with sam. Pav’s got some really good drinks deals on at the mo (cheaper drinking is NEVER bad!)

Then headed back to Sam’s for some beers, ended up setting up his new box with linux, supplying NAT Routing, DHCP, multiple samba shares to act as a NAS for his data (copying data took HOURS!! Hdd’s suck!) AND a routed VPN (using openvpn www.openvpn.org) to my room for File access between our houses NAS servers. All nicely scripted so the settings survive over reboots
Its now 8.30am on Sunday, been up all night, sorting out samba permissions.. and moving large files! Learnt a few new things about samba options, and daemonising openVPN.. Tis all good!

Anyway, gonna catch some zzz’s now! Later


pseudo fired..

And this FANTASTIC day continues…

‘If I cannot connect in remotley within 12 hours, please consider your contract terminated’ Read the E-Mail from my MD, as I got into bed at 11pm’.. a techies work is never done.
Ahh well, 5 mins, one PEBKAC later, and he’s on.. wooo…
Note for today, never underestimate people accidentally minimizing things to throw your step by step ‘for staff’ howto’s off course.

GRRRR! Thats all I can think of right now. AND!! I wanted to get all my stuff back upto uni tomorrow but instead ive got the guy comeing round to look at the car in the morning.. Then need to go into work due to mikes continued problem.

There is hope in the form of a maintenance release with some bugfixes for our e-mail server…. hopefully!!! *fingers crossed*


NetAdmins should be allowed to shoot people!

After a quick four hours sleep, (7-11am) im back in work, being efficient as f**k if i say so myself!
Untill now….

Mike’s E-mails continue to fail when sending attachments to certain people, mainly mac users. Sooo confused, and some (equally random e-mails) dont send at all..

Of course the user affected is being perfectly reasonable about it and understanding that a problem like this takes some time to work out… and that it could end up being any number of things… A complete arse about it, shouting and screaming sarcastic comments about how the server is shit, and needs to go back, and how the support people are crap (while there on the phone, working 2 hours past the time they were meant to finish… just to help me) GOD DAMN! Telling them to go soddomise themselfs with retractable battons just dosn’t have the same calming effect anymore. It is this strand of lUsers that need a good beating with a 2 by 4.

So, there goes my night, am going to end up spending it grepping through mail server logs :S

Anyway, quick shout out to Mark at linuxit. Fantastic support guy and knows his shit.


4.35am.. Im not nocturnal.. Honest!

Whyyyyy am I still up.

Anyway, still have a full bottle of coke left so i’ll continue..
Just a tech update really. If you install OCS and none of the clients ‘Report in’ with their inventory’s.. Don’t go scratching around your linux box for something broken. There probably is nothing wrong, It’s just the default update interval time is 24 Hrs after installation. Test it works properly by manually running this command on a client:
(from the ocsInventory program files folder) ‘OCSinventory /debug /server:ip_to_server’

You should see an entry now in the admin interface for that PC. Time between updates can be changed with the prolog_update setting in the web config settings page. Hope that helps someone