Wow, not been on here for quite a while!

Theres quitre a few things I want to ramble about at some point, But Im a bit busy at the mo, so this list is pretty much for me to remember what those few things were.

In the meantime… and 😉

The list of interblag:
Asterisk Routing
Ubiquiti SRC
Guillemont Park

Hmm, big list. Ahh well


Hi again, Easter holidays, A time to do coursework, and sleep, and thats pretty much it! Not been out much but thats probably more to financial stuff ;S

Anyway, bought myself a new mouse to go with my G15 Keyboard, my old one wasnt very sensative and was starting to get crapper, so I chose a ‘Logitech MX Revolution’ as my replacement. I know.. its just a mouse… but its bloody amazing, seriously, it’s really nice to use, very sensitive, rechargeable, and using the software you can have each of the 7 buttons doing different things depending on what program you are in! (for example, counterstrike:source)

Very Impressed!

Nothing much else happening really, Joe and Connor are over in Ireland, Martin is still around, but he’s heading to Scotland with Paula for a week on sunday. Im probably heading home for easter weekend.