Mail Back online, Moving House, And current projects

Hi all,

Mails back online after spending AAGES watching a command ‘rm -f’ Millions of e-mails from my qmail queues. For some reason my rcpthosts file had dissapeared and my server was allowing relaying. Luckily someone hit it so hard with spam that it didnt actually send many out, just kept spamd very very busy and pretty much knocked my server out (at least I didnt spam people).

Anyway, rcpthosts file has been fixed, and SMTP auth has been re-setup / retested just to make sure everythings working properly 🙂

In other news, im STILL trying to finalise the house move. Just getting together all our deposits at the moment. The estate agents have been pretty good tho. should have the whole thing finalised tomorrow, and should be moving down on friday!

Also, While ive been back at home (now all myt uni exams etc are over) Ive started looking into some new techy stuff, (Although i desperatley need some cash to buy a new PCI SATA card and SATA drives for my solaris box, so i can move more data to my NAS.)

Anyway, an update on the list of in iterblag: (from a few posts ago)
IntelPro/1000Mt – Work amazingly with Linux and solaris, and noticable speed increases over any other NIC I have used. (It is very possible this is due to the poor linux drivers for other gigabit cards however)

Asterisk Routing – Asterisk is really easy to use when you get your head around it, freePBX is also a great web interface for it which allows pretty advanced configuration easily. I have set up Pin protected callbacks, call routing down different trunks depending on the prefix, voicemail, digital receptionists etc. (and you can also get it to record your calls by default, which is great for call centeres etc when they tell you different things from day to day)

Scalix – Im loosing faith to be honest, I think i’s just because im trying to do ‘non normal’ things with it, or maybe because im running on a VM with not enough ram available, or maybe i installed the Anti-Spam stuff wrong (or once again now enough mem for that) but it was causing me more problems than I was hoping having it would solve. So im currently not using it.

Ubiquiti SRC – An AMAZING WIFI card, quite expensive (80 quid) But the best (PCMCIA or otherwise) card I have come accross. Has two mcX connectors, no built in antenna (so no annoying bit that sticks out past the pcmcia slot) and picks up tens and tens more access points that I have ever seen before. Also supports A/b/g and has a Txpower of 300Mw.  The linux drivers are solid, and very good paches are available that allow packet injection in moitor (rfmon) mode. using some cheap (ebay) magmount 30cm 2.4ghz antenna’s works so well for driving around. But hooking it up to a home made ( byquad antenna gives amazing (15-18dbi) directional use.

Was driving along a motorway with a friend using kismet + this antenna with the Ubiquiti card, we were picking up access points 10’s at a time and the nerest buldings/lights were miles away!
Also, using this antenna as the feeder for a sat dish apparently gives closer to 30Dbi and will be something i will be trying (to establish a few miles p2p with a dish+biquad at each end)

see here for more details:
Ubiquiti Homepage:

Sun – Will be starting work with Sun this following monday (2nd) at Guillemont Park in blackwater, surrey. Cant wait, will let you know more when im there.

ZFS – My solaris NAS using ZFS has been the most stable NAS I have used to date, also giving me better throughoput than any other linux system running samba (even on the same hardware) This could be down to anything from kernel to drivers through to a couple of the drives not being on a pci>sata controller anymore. But im VERY impressed, just need to find a cheap pci>SATA card that works with solaris so that I can increase the space on my NAS. (could do to put it in a rackmount 4U case too, as the case its in at the moment is cheap and falling to bits)

Netbooting/CLusterKnoppix – I Gave up with this project, as I had no real reason and not enough compute client to make it useful. I know that I can get it working in the future should i want to, which is always good to know 🙂

New Projects I want to / have started to look into:

OpenID – Single signon solution not owned by any one person, GPL’ed, easy to impliment, and allows people to run their own server if needbe, allowing each person to have the amount of security THEY want.

OpenNMS – Open source network management suite that I want to try and test on my network. Would be good to have some central network/service testing and error log management going on.

Linux Advanced traffic management – Will be moving to a shared house of four with a 20Mb/s virgin cable internet connection, would love to try some traffic shaping / QoS on that so that (for example) voip traffic gets prioritized, and Torrent traffic dosnt swamp all the upload.

Will let people know how each of those goes, (will add configs, useful web pages etc etc)

In other techy news, I got myself a Grandstream VoIP phone for my asterisk PBX, and it ROCKS! call quality is excellent as it supports alaw and ulaw codecs (known as PCMA and PCMU respectivley on the phone)

Thats pretty much whats been going on recently, I want to ramble aboyut more social stuff, like recent nights out, paintballing, and muse at wembley, but people have been asking for a tech update on some stuff and i’ll have more time for the socail stuff once I have moved.

oh yeah!.. and we must have a house-warming bbq/drink-up at the new place.



God I hate Spammers!

Hi all,

Just a quick update, as i dont really have much time to myself at the moment (house moving is taking over my life)

Muse at wembley was amazing! really really amazing! (more on that when i have time to ramble)

But mainly just wanted to say that someone in some far off country is keeping my SMTP server soo busy (trying to send smap through it) that it may as well not be running. so i have disabled the service, and all email addresses will be down until further notice.

Hopefully will get this sorted in a couple of days, just dont have time to make the necessary config changes right now.



love it!

Anyway, been pretty quiet, as im trying to do about 10 things at once in my life at the moment. Im moving all my stuff out of uni, at the same time as going up and down to camberley to sort a house for next year out, as well as sorting through my stuff (which is now back home) to work out what i need to take up to camberley, how im going to take it, and organising the trip to wembley to see muse on the 17th 🙂

All in all, a stupidly busy few weeks.

Will let you all know more later.