Zero to ‘Giving IT guys a bad name’ in one commercial

*Rant Warning*

Since moving into my new house last week, I have been spending a fair amount of time in the lounge, on the questionably comfy sofa’s in front of the TV with my laptop, and today, between the countless (but enjoyable nevertheless) reruns of Top Gear on Dave, something irritated me.

The same thing then irritated me on another channel, same irritation, different company. Then again, on the same channel, but again a different company!

And this irritation is:
‘Come train to be an IT/Networking expert and make lots of money, you don’t need any previous experience and you could be trained and working as a system admin/network admin/IT consultant within months’

If you have seen these adverts, you will probably know what I mean, but if not allow me to explain my annoyance:
It’s not really the fact they are herding people by the masses into an already crowded industry (although that is quite annoying)…

It’s the people they are bringing in ‘No previous experience required’, ‘Qualified within a few months’. Some of the Jobs they are suggesting these people move into would make me question weather I knew enough to fulfill the role and yet, I have had a real interest in IT since as long as I can remember, have spend countless days researching and tinkering with technologies just because I wanted to understand them and better my knowledge in my chosen field;

Yet these people are expected to gain knowledge amounting to years of reading and practice, countless weeks of late nights trying to get something to work not to mention years spent honeing linux and networking skills, and be unleashed onto some poor company as their computing saviour within months??

No wonder the ‘IT Department’ has such a globally bad and unappreciated reputation.
So thanks, overadvertised ‘We’ll Take anyone’ IT training companies, thanks for lowering the worth and reputation of IT roles accross the industry.. Tossers.


Life updates and blog directions

Evening all,

Over a month since my last post, and a lot has happened; however, There is a simple reason why I have not posted for so long;

This was always meant to be a technical blog, covering cool stuff I have been working with or pondering, or a place to write down reminders of how to config something, more of a random splattering of technical know-how more than anything. I don’t want it to become an oh-so common blurb of personal life crap, where I am, why I am there, what I ate for breakfast, with little or no juicy tech.

I don’t have time to be keeping that kind of blog and so, If I have nothing particularly blog worthy, I won’t just be posting for the hell of it to keep my post count up.
There will always be a couple of life related posts that slip through, and so I will be tagging all past and future posts with (at least) ‘tech’ or ‘life’ to allow readers to filter out what they do not want 🙂

So now, to a very short update to bring us into the present.

Well, I have left Sun Microsystems, my placement ended and I moved out of our amazing house and back to the more livley north 🙂 Once again a big thanks to everyone at Sun, truly amazing people to work with and I have gained so much hands on experience with more cool equipment than you could shake a reasonable sized datacenter at.

I spent two weeks back living back home with my parents, catching up was nice (so was not cooking my own meals every night or doing all my washing 🙂 ). Saw a few freinds from home and enjoyed a few visits to the pub.

Then another move, this time to my new house share in salford, for the final year of my degree. So after two house moves in two weeks, I have now been in my new uni house for a week, finally got everything unpacked, set up and the house is looking pretty good. I’m living with Martin Dave and Sam from uni, so it will be good to chill out with those guys again over a good few beers.

This year promises much more technical bloggery I feel, you should see the house networking config already!

Anyway, so right now, I’m in my new house, and currently trying to find a new job for the year, if anyone know’s of an ISP that needs someone to play with BGP4+ for a year (for a decent wage ;P) let me know 😉

Thanks for still reading after such a drought of input ;P