Server back up!

IF you had not noticed, This site vanished for a couple of weeks! It was a billing error by oneandone and has now (luckily) been fixed!

One problem with this is that my e-mail server (same server) has also been down. and so if you could kinly re-send any e-mails to me that have failed previously, it would be much appriciated 🙂


Shed loads of Backups!

Long time no post!

It’s been a weekend of backups, had to sort a new backup scheme out for work, and ended up having to sacrifice some of my personal storage space at home, to put my disks into Raid1, after getting a feeling that one of the drives in my NAS is ready to die! Ahh well.

Other than that, went out for a couple of pints with joe friday night, was pretty good, not been out for ages, and it’s good to have the pav open again, even if just for the ocasional pint!

Typing this from my bed on my laptop. Finally took the plunge now I have a working laptop and put a WIFI router on my home LAN, WPA2 PSK Protected of course, and downstream from my NAS/Router box so I’m going to Tighten up the IPTables rules to allow no WIFI connection to route back into my wired subnet. Maybe some kind of remote access soluition into my files from the WIFI / WAN connections, but i’ve got quite a lot of work projects that take precidence.

Anyway, back to work, need to document a few things about backup systems and whatnot!



Just a quick update

Hi all,

Not really had much time to post, Uni work hasn’t really kicked in again yet, but ive got plenty of projects on with work that have been keeping me battling with command prompts throughout many nights 😛

Also, it’s a good time to sort some of my own projects out, and so ive re-formatted my Linux NAS/Router, upgraded our houses backbone to gigabit ethernet (5 port netgear gigabit switches are really cheap now!) and moved my main PC’s os over to windows Vista Ultimate *i know… going with the trend, but it’s damn nice!*

Anyway, Thats pretty much it for now, just got a final few more bits and peices to tweak in my samba config then im off to bed.