Just a quick one,

I was looking as the latest XKCD comics, noticed some links to the guys other websites, that he is using to try and find the worlds ‘best things’


You have to click on one of the two choices for which you think better, and then you are given a new pair.

I have been sat here mindlessly clicking through questions with nothing else to do for aaages, pondering going to bed.

And then the page refreshed with this question. I just cannot answer! Which is better? I dont know!

Both have compelling reasons to be the best.

Not so bothered aboue the potato chips, but penguins with jetpacks! damn!

Maybe im just to drunk.


Gigglebeet Speeds

Hi Minions, Slagathor!

Finished all my coursework a couple of weeks ago, and have my last exam tomorrow, then starts the fun task of looking for a place to live next year!

In techie news, spent a night re-doing all my routing, IPtables rules, and IP rules to give a more uniform way of port forwarding from my internet IP (behind university’s nat.. crazy crazy tunneling) and servers on my local subnet.

It works pretty much the same, only destination NAT for my IP is now done at my end of the tunnel, instead of my external server. (makes things much more sensible in terms of routing etc, and also allows me to change dedicated hosting providers without much trouble)

I have also got around to setting up my scalix mail server (for anyone that hasnt heard of it, the best way to describe it is a exchange alternative for outlook, and its damn good! The AJAX interface works on both IE and firefox (unlike exchange)

feel free to email me on it at matt.johnson -AT – ra.matt-j.co.uk

another thing i should mention is that the scalix server (centOS) and my DNS /DHCP server are both running on a new poweredge I picked up which runs VMware ESX (base hardware virtualisation, without needing an underlying OS like GSX/Vmware Server does)  its web interface managed and very powerful!

(Specs of poweredge, 2x 700Mhz PIII Xeon’s | 2Gb ECC Ram | 60GB Raid Zero’d Scsi Disks, on a Perc4 Scsi Controller)

I am also using fetchmail to regularly pull down my mail from other mail providers (such as my uni mail) into my scalix server. and scalix rules to sort that mail into respective folders. Bottom line, very good web based access to ALL my mail, at one location and logon.

References: www.scalix.com (check out the community version, free for unlimited users.. oh, and theres an connector for outlook (free for 25 users on community license)

Also, while i’m rambling a word regarding solaris and ZFS! I haven’t really touched it for a while due to revision, But its just run, solidly, for weeks, and i have NEVER had as good a throughput using samba on a linux box as i get on solaris, constant 34MB/s over intel pro/1000 gigabit adaptors. never goes slow, crashes out etc etc. It Just runs 😀

Anyway, back to the revision!

ZFS Online (And gullible people)

Spent a night moving my data across to my new ZFS NAS. Before that I spent a bit of time trying to break it with some non important data. I eventually ended up pumping data to one of the three zraid drives from /dev/urandom.  and at the same time pulled out the other two drives power supplies.

No surprises.. the filesystem died… But, thats understandable.. there are NO valid disks left plugged into the system.

Plugged the other two back in, restarted, system and filesystem back online. All data fully intact. Even though I had covered one drive in random data crap!

ZFS Rocks!

Anyway. The other thing was I signed up to try and get some tickets to Radio 1’s Big weekend. In the confirmation e-mail after i had registered, there was this at the bottom:

Frozen Indigo Angel Frozen Indigo Angel
“Listen to the silence, let it ring on”
Frozen Indigo Angel Frozen Indigo Angel

A little interested into what this meant, I googled, I was guessing at some kindof marketing. But apparently the BBC’s putting quite a lot of time and effort into making it sound like a ‘big secret’ has been leaked against their wishes.

for example, read the blurb on http://pauldenchfield.typepad.com/

Obviously a rigged website, check the date on the site, flickr photo’s… and the ‘recorded super secret uncovered voicemails’ Which considering they say they came off a phone, (GSM quality) are in perfect studio sound ;P

What amazed me even more… was that people actually lap it up and form conspiracy theories about the whole thing!

for example:


Now it could be argued that the BBC have got what they intended, as it still got me to their site thing, and even to mention it on a blog… which is fair enough I suppose…  But I spent less than 5 mins digging around, laughing at the expense of other peoples crazy theories, Compared to these other people who from the looks of it have spent hours digging the depths of the internet! I hope someone at the beeb got a bonus for this!

Ahh well, it’s times like this that always remind me to never underestimate social engineering as a useful toolkit!



Defrosted YellowBlueGreen Peppercorns
Defrosted YellowBlueGreen Peppercorns
Give me your creditcard details
Defrosted YellowBlueGreen Peppercorns
Defrosted YellowBlueGreen Peppercorns

… ahh well, worth a try 😉

A line of hex – 09f911029d74e35bd84156c5635688c0

Hihi all!

I’m sat here moving a royal fucktonne of data from one NAS Server (Debian) to my new NAS server (solaris nv_62).
100Mb/s Is sooo slow! and I don’t have a spare intel/Pro1000 knocking around, so Im going to be here for a while, The reason for this kindof ties into the Sun and solaris topics in my ‘to ramble about list’ below. But I’ll fill you in with more details when i’ve got the new server up and running.

So anyway, Im using this time to re-read emails, read interesting web articles, and generally reflect on the weeks news.

One thing that makes me laugh is how much trouble, rambling, and gigabits of data storage one line of hex causes!

This line to be exact:


As i’m sure anyone who reads this blog will know, Its the HD-DVD decryption key. Such a secure and well designed system that it took hackers a whole day to crack! LOL!

Now I’m not going to use this as a chance to get all ‘Freedom of speach, knowlege is power, hell yeah’ etc on you all.. But seriously.. Just google the string!

Results 110 of about 157,000 for 09f911029d74e35bd84156c5635688c0. (0.07 seconds) ‘

There are even hundreds of random images in the google image search with the string as the title.

OK, so this key, and what can be done with it was big big news for the tech masses, and therefore this is probably a crap example. But i just find it cool, that when something like this comes out. Every techie stands together and makes this information available wherever they can, like an unspoken rule between users, Even though they may be calling each others mom’s over some argument on slashdot they day before. People will talk to each other for the sake of getting and sharing this key, and then pass it on even if threatened not to.

Now i’m not saying it’s ‘sweet’ or ‘amazing’ or ‘life changing, and that It brought a tear to my eye’ :P…. I just think it’s cool that the internet is still a very open place.

But, it could just be that i’m currently nocturnal, and my body clocks soooo messed up I am talking drivel! Ahh well!