The Joys of Virgin Media

Hi All,
I finally moved house, now in my second week at Sun! Everythings going really well. We are currently on a week training course for some of the hardware we will be working on.
Not much is happening at the moment tho, as one of the guys has spent the last 10 Mins on the phone, stairing intently at Google Maps, trying to guide a virgin media install guy to his house. (You would think SatNAV would be a pre-requisite of that job if you didn’t know the area, but ahh well)

My broadband was installed a couple of fridays ago, but it took another week to get it working as it should, I called every night for a week to try and get them to upgrade my cable broadband from 4 Mb/s to 20Mb/s (Which i’m paying for).
The first five days, I was passed from department to department from customer service people who didnt have a clue where my account was let alone what was wrong with it, to tech’s who insisted that it was either my PC not being able to handle 20Meg internet! (bollocks, have been passing files around through my linux boxes as Gb/s speeds for a year) or another arrogant sounding tech that told me that I have orded ‘UP to’ 20Meg and downloading around the 2mbit/s – 4mbit/s mark was totally normal and wanted to terminate my call! Tosser!  (Oh yeah… and that speed is affected by distance from the exchange… :S. (think he must be on holiday from the ADSL Tech support))

Anyway, persistance paid off and eventually someone took a deeper look into my account (on the 4th or so call) and noticed my account WAS set to 4Mbit/s, they then said they had upgraded me to 20Mbit/s, apologised and said it would take upto 24Hrs to complete, Excellet. Only it didnt work!

So Next day, 24 hrs later, called back, account still on 4Mbit/s, explained what should have happened, and was then passed BACK to tech to make sure my modem wasn’t faulty. Everything checked out, so was passed back to cust service to try the update again!

24Hrs later, Still had not updated!!!! Very Irritated now! called back, explained the whole weeks events to another customer support tech. So he said he’d take a look at my account details (Here we go again!) ‘Oh, No-one has increased your allowed update threshold value from one, thats why it would’nt update. Right, try it now, unplug your modem for 10 seconds then try again’. 10 Seconds later, downloading at 2.5Mbytes/Second! Full 20 Meg!! as simple as that!

Why couldnt any of the other like 10 people I talked to have noticed that! surley it’s a common request!

Bottom line, unless you are lucky enough to get through to a real person instead of an english speaking monkey, virgin media customer service SUCKS!

Anyway, enough winging! Now that my broadband is running at the correct speed, it is damn amazing! Dosn’t seem to get throttled at all, on any port, admittedly a little slower at peak times of the day, but what broadband provider isnt! (and its still around 2Mbytes/second download) Damn fast!

CD ISO’s take around 5 min 🙂 *emerge is gonna love this*

I Get download speeds at night (using a download manager admittedly to get multiple parts of a file simultaniously) at 2.5MB/s
Thinking about this,  In bits thats 20Mbit! (2.5*8) Now usually, TCP overheads take 20% of available bandwidth! So it seems like Virgin Media actuall give you above a 20Mbit line to allow the user to actually USE 20Mbit!… Sweet! (very impressed)
Upload is around 800Kb/s-900Kb/s Which ain’t too bad. Only downside is you can’t get static IP but otherwise this rocks!

Anyway, Back to the training course!