Please welcome back to the stage..

Hi all!

Been a hectic few weeks, with all I have wanted to do after getting in from work is crash out on the bed, so been chilling out with a lots of scrubs, house and music after work for the past few weeks, and so no blogging.. ahh well

Now past a month into my new job at Sun! Everything going well, and im learning a metric fucktonne of new stuff, office is really laid back, and everyone is approachable which is cool.

Anyway, since my last post, I’ve been on another training course (this time on solaris) which was very interesting, and found myself knowing a lot more about a lot of different sun hardware without even realizing it 😛

Our other house mate Mike, (working in web devel at sun) has also moved in, pretty cool guy, and dosn’t mind chilling out doing nothing with beer! (so he’s gonna fit in pretty well :P)

It was my birthday on the 10th, so I went home that weekend to have a meal with family and friends, It was quite nice to be home for a bit! but got stuck in the closed bit of the M40 driving back on the Sunday (when the motorcyclist got shot).

Currently posting this from my lappy, which is now running on Gentoo (after robin at sun re-kindled my interest in it) Im amazed how fast gentoo is if done properly, and am thinking of moving my routing / firewall server too it. (have just got ACPI working too.. which is cool)

Still got a crap load of projects on (Now want to clean up my crazy routing into a more elegant solution, and also have shared auth for all my machines via LDAP)  It’s just finding the time to do them which is the problem! ahh well!

That’s it for me, just a quick update!