Sun a ‘la Sweden!

First off, Please don’t ask me to correct my pseudo French in the title.

Secondly, I’m In sweeden! for 10 days, working for sun to help them with some things going on in the swedish lab.

It has been a weekend of fail’s and denied’s though!;

First of all, on the Sunday (when I was meant to fly) ATC’s computers crashed at the airport, and my flight was cancelled.. typical!
So.. Commence the four hour queue, (all the way from Heathrow T1 to T2) to rebook for the next flight. When I got to the booking’s desk, the next flight available was at 10.30am tomorrow (Monday 26th, today).

At this point, I was given a list of hotels with free rooms, which I was told I could claim back off B.A. for any costs. These hotels were all (by this time, 8pm or thereabouts) charging around 200 quid a night, so I got a taxi back home to fleet (50 quid) under the idea of getting another taxi back in the morning (and i’ll be charging the taxi faires to B.A. instead.. after all, I’m saving them money :P)

So, 5am this morning, I was up, showered, sleepily tripped over our beer bottle art as I walked out of my room (Sorry Mike!) and ready for my taxi at 6.

Checked in, through security (two laptops in one bag confuses the hell out of the X-Ray security staff :P) and into the departure lounge.

The flight went without a hitch, got to sweden arlanda airport, and then, the second problem hit!

Wrong hotel booking 😛
I was MEANT to be staying in the Scandic star hotel, however, there are apparently two scandic star hotels in sweden, and lucky me, I picked the wrong one… so wrong, it’s a whole days drive away!

So, from the airport, got a taxi directly into sun’s office, where we sorted new hotels out and cancelled the old booking.

Hans (Who run’s the lab over here) then gave me a lift into the centre of Stockholm (to my newly booked hotel!)
Finally! Hotel! can put my bags down! shower! change of clothes! Lot’s of free exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it was off down to the local pub to meet Hans again, and grab some food, and many tasty Swedish ales!

Now I’m back in my hotel room (which looks out over the central street in Stockholm) chilling out before I get some kip.
I get free broadband too, which is an added plus.

Would like to have spaced this post with pictures, but inside the airport looks like any other airport, the photo’s I took from the plane are (understandably) crap, and there’s been much too much to do since I got into Stockholm to take pictures. (Maybe later this week)

Anyway, I’ll keep you all updated! From Sweden, night people!

Hidden Goodies!

Nokia recently announced that the N95’s have a 3D acceleromiter in them, and handed out the API;
This means that ‘Iphone-like’ tilting to change the screen layout, Shaking the phone for the next music track, and using the phone like a Wiimote, are all possible.

There is a quick demo app out that show’s the accelerometer in action:

(ignore Mike and his drumkit in the background :P)

This is definalty cool news for N95 owners, can’t wait to controll my music on my PC by flicking my phone 🙂

Chinese, Fighter Jets, and General Updates.

Hi All,

Just a quick update,

Went home last weekend, via swindon and then wigan to give Sam a lift home for the weekend. (He works at intel)
Was good to be home for a couple of days,
Had a chineese and a few beers with my mate James for his birthday (lernt some cool stuff, as he works at BAE systems) and he’s gonna come up and crash for a couple of days next year so we can goto the farnborough air show. rock on!
I spent sunday chilling out with the family, my sister is now in a band, which is cool 🙂

Anyway, Was a short stay, got home late friday night / saturday morning, set off back for the south sunday evening.
Gave Sam a lift back, conditions were awful, Snow all the way along the M6/M6 Toll, and really heavy rain and fog the rest of the way. Journey took 2 hrs longer than it should have, got home at about 1.15am, A cold beer had never tasted so nice ;P

In other news, Im off to Sweden for work on Sunday, for 10 days to help the lab in sweeden, looking forward to that, sounds like my kindof country.. No heat, good beers, nice women 😉 lol

Apart from that, not much has been happening, work in the day, chilling out in the evening, and then catching up on sleep / food shopping / washing at the weekends 😛 (Such a fun packed lifestyle!) But at least my housemate Mike enjoys a couple copious amounts of beer and some good music, Which is always a plus for drunken conversations!

Talking of beer; Check this out:

And how this will effect our house: (Mike’s blog)

It could be the start of something terrible!!

That’s enough for now, laters!