Sun builds largest public supercomputer in the world..

.. By a fair, fair amount!

Check this out!!

Rock on!

Built on all open software too..
Is it wrong of me to be thinking of re-creating this software setup at home to see how it works (lustre, sun grid etc).. only with iSCSI and gig-e interconnects?

Makes me proud to currently be working for sun! it *****ng rocks!

*wants to borrow it for a day to generate some rainbow tables (not as gay as they sound.. see rainbow tables)*

Server move

Tim U recently said in one of his blog posts that is is pretty weird having to schedule downtime on your own HOME network..

I now completely agree with him, after we moved the ‘server room’ into a much smaller airing cupboard type room so that the servers were not directly over someones bedroom.

The result’s seem pretty good, and everything came back up first time (So glad we labeled the cables :P) and the house seems happier once again (Wonder what next weeks problem will be… the fun never stops :P)

There are however a couple of possible drawbacks:

One is that the room is so small it did not have a door, just a door frame. To solve this we have pinched the door off the old server room, however, not wanting to drill holes for the hinges in the freshly painted frame (in our rented house) the door is propped up, with a couple of ropes to the stairs Bannister ‘Just in case’.

The second is that the room is so small.. I am worried what the temperature in there will settle at..
And so, in true geeky style, I was hoping to monitor the temperature sensor of my 1U server or the switches via SNMP..

Only none of them have temp sensors in 🙁 Ahh well, I guess i’ll just have to check in there tomorrow that it’s not *Too* warm.

Anyway, pictures (Made much easier by yesterday’s Nokia N95 firmware update)..
Server moveServer move
Server moveServer move

Back to work tomorrow! I will eventually find time for more ‘catch up’ posts.. Honest 😛


Nokia N95 Firmware Update! (V20)

Woo! New firmware update for my Nokia N95.

Have only been playing round with it for a few mins, but one change that rocks, is that it now does ‘upload photo to flickr’ uploads in the background, and just gives you as nice notification when finished, instead of hogging the phone screen until it finishes.

Also, small waits while handling image processing / saving are handled better (‘Image Processing’ message instead of just a UI hang)

Apparently there are quite a few under the bonnet updates like on demand paging, meaning you have a lot more ram free more of the time (30MB free at bootup)

One thing I will say, is if you are going to do a backup/restore from the nokia pcsuite (Which you will need to do to keep your stuff, as a firmware update nukes everything on your phones memory) MAKE SURE you are running the special ‘Nokia N95 PC Suite’ This has a black user interface, and you gettit from HERE.

Compared to the normal nokia PC suite, which has a white interface, and will hang on 60% of your ‘restore backup’ procedure.