Busy Busy!

A month since my last post!
Poor I know but I have been more snowed under with exams, coursework and final year project work than.. well, london 🙂

Now into the second semmester of my final year, timetable changes have meant my job work hours/days have changed, however this may not be such a bad thing. Last semester I worked Monday Tuesday part time for an IT company, then did uni and project work wed-fri. Now I have lectures Tuesday morning and every other day at some point except Monday, so I’m working Monday, then wed afternoon and Thursday morning.

Have done this for one week now and I actually like it, I feel that due to the break between the days I am going to get much more done on the long running projects that work has assigned me, as that break between wed/thurs allows your brain to reflect and carry on pondering, allowing touch ups and changes the next day.
It also breaks the work up, never a bad thing.

Had exams throughout January for last semesters modules, some pretty deep questions on low level bluetooth, UWB (Ultra wideband) and wimax (IEEE802.16d/e) were asked in our advanced network technologies exam however I think I answered them OK.

Also pondering next year quite a lot at the moment, with friends rushing round applying for jobs left right and center, I really need to consider exactly what I plan to do and where I want to be come next September.
Obviously somewhere in network security / advanced network tech, just where would best suit my knowledge and allow me to keep learning what I enjoy… Answers on a postcard 🙂

Anyway, enough of a catchup, I have stuff to ramble about like more IPtables stuff, opensolaris and my uni project, but I’ll save those for another post.