And you’re back in the room!

Wow, over a year sice my last post. The blog took a backseat through final year uni work and I guess it never really picked up again! Have considered shutting this down a couple of times, but now i’m finding time to look into new tech I guess it makes sense to start updating again, if for no other reason that my own memory!

Lots has changed since my last post (as you’d expect!), moved home for a month towards the end of my degree to focus on my dissertation, outstanding coursework and revision.

Good Job I did too, graduated with a 1st with honours in BSc Computer Networks, averaged over 90% in my last summester! Quite proud of myself!

After graduation I went fulltime at IT Start in Manchester and moved home to get some funds together before beginning the flat/house hunt that is now my number one priority.

Christmas/New years was good, predrinks with sam and Joejoe in manchester newyears eve eve then a bit of a family do new years.

Sam bagged himself a nifty job doing hardcore tech support for high speed storage solutions in reading, and so quickly dissapeared down there, nearly followed him when a position opened up at the same company, however on putting things on paper the financials (of my debt at that point and owning a car mainly) just wouldnt have worked, mixed with some other issues which I won’t go into here :).

Which brings us to now (with lots missed out, but youre not hear for a 12 month blow by blow account!)
Enjoying still being in manchester, looking for my own place (however the house rental market seems to suck at the moment if you want to be anywhere near manchester bar salford… and to be honest four years is enough 🙂 ) and getting stuck into new tech partly for the job and partly for my own interest.

So currently sat here, on this joyous 4 day weekend, finding myself just able to look at a PC screen after last nights drinkage and wondering what can be done to get me fit to head out again tonight!

Hope everyone is well, doing whatever they are doing!.. (wonder how many RSS readers this url is still in)

More soon, definatley won’t be a year this time! 😉


PS. As it’s been so long since all my previous posts, have deleted the old tag cloud and moved all old posts to an ‘old blog’ catagory, should make things a little easier to filter 🙂