Google Nexus 4 Smartphone

I was going to write about the new Nexus 4 i’ve finally managed to get my hands on, and why, after many years of my mobile phones all having names beginning with ‘i’, I’m actually finding this new android device hard to fault…

But this guy pretty much 100% summaries my thoughts for me, right down to why previous attempts for me running android have failed.. and therefore saves me the trouble! Worth a read, whichever side of the fence you are on!


It used to just be paperwork that took time to work out!

So the delivery of a new corporate laptop this week got me thinking;

It’s much more powerful, portable and generally nicer than anything I own and the fact of the matter is; if I’m near a computer for five out of the seven days every week, it’s going to be this one.

This ties into my last post about BYOD and staff ‘bringing their own data’. This works backwards to corporate-supplied devices too;

BYOD is currently, lets be honest, only really bringing your own ‘addon’ devices, and not your full digital working requirement.

BYODv2 in my mind will be where users fully bring every bit of local compute power they need to work, maybe minus the clutter/heavyness of standard peripherals such as screens and keyboards, instead have a uniform, wireless dock interface.

So for as long as there are corporate laptops, which their users are more likely to have on them than any personal laptop for a massive percentage of their weekly lives, there will always be remnants of their own personal data from lunchtimes, weekends, corporate travel, after works etc.

I digress, back to MY new shiny corporate laptop;

  • I needed a kick to get all my data, which is currently spread everywhere into some semblance of order and peace of mind over backups etc.
  • I hate always being on the wrong device for what I’m looking for (ooh, I took that photo on my iPhone, not my laptop/tablet/Nexus 4/Tomorrows device number seventy six and a half).
  • I don’t like having to swap between personal/corp equipment, especially now the corp laptop is actually much more powerful than my own!

Turns out, this isn’t something I should have thought about, as while the cloud solves some of these data-everywhere questions, it also opens up a lot more choice, ie a lot more questions on howto go about all this, it’s amazing just how many branches you end up with in your mind when you try and tackle that which, on the face of it, is a simple ‘get to my data on my devices’ question.

Even without going into all the corporate access stuff, my personal digital life and (more to the point) access to it, created this monstrosity, can you do any worse? Have you had the same thoughts and come up with a solution that works well? Do you want to talk to me about cool ideas for BYODv2 above? Comment or e-mail.


Mind Map of how to get to my data on all my devices
Oh dear, it’s 3AM again